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White Cockapoo | Everything You Need to Know

Cockapoo is a diversified breed that is available in more than 10 colors. If we talk about its parents, then Cocker Spaniel is available in 9 different colors while Poodle is in 10. From this we can reckon that the doodle breeds has a lot to offer when it comes to diversity. Some of the most sought-after Cockapoos are white and black Cockapoos.

Available Colors For Cockapoos Are as Follows:

  • White
  • Black 
  • Brown 
  • Chocolate 
  • Apricot 
  • Cream 
  • Phantom 
  • Tan 
  • Red 
  • Parti 
  • Sable 
  • Tricolor 
  • Roan 

One thing for sure is, no matter which color you choose, you will always end up with an adorable, witty, and sweet-tempered Cockapoo.

Cockapoos Are Divided Into How Many Color Categories?

When it comes to colors, Cockapoos are divided in four categories. Each have their own distinctive look and pattern:

  • Solid Colored Cockapoos
  • Parti-Colored Cockapoos
  • Phantom Marked Cockapoos
  • Merle Cockapoos

White Cockapoos Belong to Which Category?

white cockapoo

Solid Colored Cockapoos

The most common types of Cockapoos are solid-colored Cockapoos. White Cockapoos also belong in this category along with black, red, apricot, and chocolate Cockapoos. Some solid-colored Cockapoos also have markings and are commonly confused with Parti-colored Cockapoos. Whereas, in reality this is not the case. Both possesses distinctive looks.

Parti-Colored Cockapoos

Next on the list is parti-colored Cockapoos. Although they don’t contain pure white or black Cockapoos, parti-colored Cockapoos are multi-colored. Most Cockapoos have a white base followed by any other color. 

Phantom Marked Cockapoos

As evident from the name, Cockapoos having a phantom marking comes under this category. In some cases, the phantom marking can be seen on the face while in other cases it’s probably observed as a series of pattern on the body.

What is The Cost of a White Cockapoo?

The price of a breed depends on the place you are buying from. For example, depending on the breeder’s reputation you can expect to pay a hefty sum of $900-$2500 for a white Cockapoo.

Whereas, if you buy the same White Cockapoo from shelter houses then you would only need to pay around $500-$800.

What To Look For In a White Cockapoo?

Before buying a white Cockapoo there are certain things that you should check about the breed:

Health of the Cockapoo

Make sure the white Cockapoo you are buying is fit and healthy. For this you can check the past medical records of the breed. As well as you can go to a vet and get a thorough examination of the breed just to be on the safer side.


Checking the Cockapoo’s own medical records is not enough. Try to also check the medical records of its parents. It will give you can idea of any hereditary illness running in the family.

Lineage of the White Cockapoo

If you are an enthusiast of champion-bred dogs, then make sure to ask the breeder about the Cockapoo’s bloodline and lineage. If its predecessors have won any championship, then it would be a champion-bred Cockapoo.


Some Cockapoos would have a straight coat while others would inherit a fuzzy, wavy coat. Wavy coats are high maintenance than straight coats. So be vigilant while making  this decision.

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