Cockapoo Breeders In The UK
Cockapoo Puppies

Top 14 Cockapoo Breeders in the UK

If you are in or around the UK and are looking for Cockapoo registered breeders, this article will be of help to you. Here are some of the top cockapoo breeders in the uk that you can get your cute cockapoo puppies from, including chocolate cockapoo puppy, red cockapoo puppy, brown cockapoo puppy, and more:

Cockapoo Breeders In The UK

Lawford Doodles

This long-established breeder is based in Rugby, Warwickshire, and is known for producing high-quality, carefully bred dogs. The puppies are raised in the home to get used to being around people and are completely health-tested to ensure they are clear of hereditary disorders.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only – to make an appointment, go to their website and follow the contact information – and will have the opportunity to see both the breeder and the dogs. The website has extensive information on the parent dogs, as well as other breeds, as well as complete information on puppy availability.

Jukee Doodles

Jukee Doodles, based in Lincolnshire, Massachusetts, has a comprehensive website with information on the distinct breed features and the breeding dogs they employ, as well as helpful training advice and information on the fundamental needs of cockapoos.

They are glad to have you come by appointment — for more information, see the website, which also offers owner testimonials. There’s a great gallery of some of the lovely canines they’ve provided, as well as detailed instructions on the setup.

Pankington Puppies

Pankington Puppies, another Lincolnshire breeder near Spilsby, specializes only in Cockapoos and has a reputation for producing good, health-checked puppies. They have given dogs to numerous happy owners with full recognition as a respectable and recognized breeder.

Pankington Puppies offers a basic website with a great gallery, contact information, and Cockapoo information and has been working for close to forty years, having been started by a Kennel Club recognized judge who was also a respectable breeder.

Sylml Cockapoos

Sylml Cockapoos is another Lincolnshire breeder, and while they are new to the breed, they have been respected gundog breeders for more than 20 years. The quality of their puppies is confirmed by a gallery of nicely displayed canines, and they also offer a handy feedback area with owner remarks.

The website has a section dedicated to available pups, as well as complete contact information in case you want to speak with them. You may also join a waiting list, which is usually a good idea, and the dogs will be used to humans and other animals because they were bred on a working farm.

Woodlands Cockapoos

Woodlands Cockapoos, situated in Market Rasen, has been breeding dogs for over 40 years and welcomes guests by appointment. They do prefer to meet potential owners, and as we’ve previously stated, you should be prepared to travel to discover the greatest canines, such as those produced here.

They are completely registered, vetted, and authorized, and their website has a lot of information on the dogs they breed from and the puppies they have available. They are also glad to answer any questions they may have about the breed as experienced and knowledgeable breeders, so have a look at the website and contact them.

Lynton Cockapoos

Lynton Cockapoos is situated in Stowmarket, Suffolk, and is a hobby breeder rather than a full-time cockapoo breeder. The hobby tag should not deter you because they have a reputation for delivering high-quality puppies and a website with numerous client testimonials. There is also detailed information on the dogs involved in the breeding process as well as puppies.

All dogs are grown in the house – they have children, so they are used to it – and are members of the family. They come with a puppy pack and their first vaccines. They’ve been microchipped as well. The warm and pleasant website is well worth a look, and it also provides information about the company’s future goals of the involved couple.

Just Dogz

Just Dogz comes highly recommended by owners with over 18 years of expertise breeding cockapoos, as well as cocker spaniels and long-haired dachshunds. The website has a wealth of information on cockapoos – as well as the other breeds in which they are involved – as well as several photographs of the dogs and information about the breeding parent animals.

The website lists dog availability – click here for additional information and contact details – and they welcome visitors by appointment, preferring to meet potential owners. All pups are socialized, come with four weeks of insurance, are vaccinated and chipped, and are given free food for a week.

Jaruda Cockapoos

Jaruda Cockapoos, a small hobby breeder, based in Chichester, West Sussex, is known for producing attractive, healthy, and lively puppies. They raise their dogs and pups like members of the family, so puppies will grow up in a family setting, and the website includes a helpful FAQ section to answer any queries that future owners may have.

Potential owners are encouraged to contact Jaruda Cockapoos – check their website for more information – to schedule a visit, during which you will be introduced to the dogs and learn about how they are bred at this pleasant and inviting small breeder. The site is fully approved by the CCGB and includes client comments as well as photos of the breeding dogs and puppies.

Rackenford Cockapoos

Rackenford Cockapoos, based in Horsham, West Sussex, gives complete data on their dogs’ health tests on their website – a vital piece of information for any future owner – and is noted for gorgeous pups produced from Lottie, an F1 champagne cockapoo from a championship-winning line of dogs.

The breeder offers a complete package to buyers, including initial vaccinations, microchipping, and registration, as well as a four-week insurance deal and a small supply of food, among other things – see the website for more information – and invites you to contact them if you want to come to see the dogs or have any questions about cockapoo ownership.

Tiddybrook Cockapoos

Tiddybrook, West Devon-based cockapoo breeders, is managed by a husband and wife pair with decades of expertise breeding a range of dogs. Their dogs are fully part of their everyday life and are used to a range of situations. They are well-positioned to assist future cockapoo owners in making the proper choice of dog, with a website that includes a gallery of photographs as well as information about the breed.

Check out their website for complete data on their health tests, as well as information on available pups, stud dogs, and more. You can as well schedule a visit to see the breeders and dogs, which is usually recommended before choosing a breeder.

Risdon Farm Dogs

Risdon Farm, situated near Okehampton in Devon, has many years of expertise with a number of breeds, including cockapoos, and operates out of a portion of a vast country estate. Because the dogs spend their time in the country and grow up with other dogs, they will easily integrate into family life.

You can see numerous photographs of their dogs and verify their certification from both the CCGB and the Kennel Club on their website, which also extends an invitation for you to organize a visit and see the dogs and pups, and also displays availability of puppies that is constantly updated.

Candyfloss Cockapoos

Candyfloss Cockapoos, a clearly committed and pleasant breeder with a passion for these wonderful little dogs, invites you to a comprehensive website giving fantastic information not just about the breed but also about this specific Cockapoo breeder – Candyfloss Cockapoos. A comprehensive gallery of Candyfloss dogs is available, as well as further information on the breeding dogs.

Potential buyers may contact the breeder using the information on the website to schedule a visit, which the breeder strongly emboldens, and there are also a number of testimonials from happy customers who have purchased puppies from this breeder. This breeder is totally accredited with the CCGB and is based in Devon.

Faithful Friends

Faithful Friends, based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, is a devoted cockapoo breeder with over ten years of professional experience. They plan to have a litter every 16 months. This well-informed breeder offers a fantastic website with cockapoo-related items and courses, as well as photographs and information on its own dogs and pups.

A well-informed and entertaining blog confirms that this is a breeder that is passionate about the Cockapoo, and you can sign up for updates and information. If you have any questions regarding their dogs or would want to meet them, please contact them using the website’s contact page, and they would be delighted to help.

Hallslake Cockers

Hallslake Cocker Spaniels, a breeder of English Show Cocker Spaniels and F1 Cockapoos, is known for producing attractive, well-bred dogs with the perfect temperament for family pets. This breeder, based in Lynton, Devon, certainly takes great interest and care in ensuring that its puppies are completely health-checked and ready to go, and the well-organized website is a fantastic source of information.

Dogs are completely socialized with both people and a variety of different animals and are microchipped, vaccinated, and given a bag of food to get them through the first few days. To schedule a visit or simply ask inquiries, go to the website. They will be delighted to assist you.

Look for Trustworthy Cockapoo Breeders

Obviously, not all Cockapoo breeders provide the same degree of service or professionalism. While glancing at their website is a fantastic place to start, you should expect to go a little more to learn more about their reputation.

Do you find generally favorable evaluations about their service and their pups when you look for them online, for example? Perhaps you’ve noticed individuals talking about how they’ve been duped by them?

You may inquire around on forums or in dog groups to find out which breeders come highly recommended and which should be avoided. Local veterinarians may also be able to provide you with helpful information regarding which firms you can trust.

Consider the Size of the Cockapoo Breeders

According to the most recent UK Government rules, all dog breeders who have three or more litters each year should be registered. This is not yet the law at the time of writing, but it may be soon.

In this instance, working with a recognized and licensed breeder ensures that you are dealing with a serious company. Local governments examine and license registered breeders, so you may have more confidence in the quality of their facilities and the health of their dogs.

Commercial breeders are generally enormous corporations with a large number of puppies for you to choose from. This is excellent when it comes to making a solid decision, but you may find their working style to be a little too professional and business-like for your tastes.

Small breeders that only provide a small number of Cockapoo pups for sale in the UK each year may appeal to you on the other end of the spectrum. You won’t have as many options with this breeder, but it may be a more relaxing and pleasurable method to expand your family.

Check Out Their Installations

When you arrive at a breeder’s property, double-check that everything is in order. Is it the kind of spotless and healthy-looking environment where you’d feel comfortable leaving the puppies?

If the setup doesn’t appeal to you, it’s worth checking out somewhere else to compare the two. Even if you fall in love with the first puppy you meet, it’s a good idea to keep looking at different breeders before making a final selection.

Prepare to Ask Plenty of Questions

If this is your first time purchasing a puppy, you should give some attention to the questions you should ask the breeders. To begin, inquire about the parents, including whether they are healthy and whether you can see them with the pups.

Look for documentation of any health tests that have been performed. If you cannot see at least the mother with the pups, this is a concerning indicator that you should consider.

The more questions that you can ask, the better, so conduct some study online to figure out what you should be asking. For example, you might inquire about vaccines or any other sort of therapy that the puppies in the litter have had.

Has anyone treated them for fleas and worms? Is there any documentation to back this up and let you know the specific dates?

You may also inquire about their microchipping status and how they react to noise, youngsters, and other dogs.

Expect Questions from them

A good, responsible Cockapoo breeder would generally ask a few questions of their own to potential purchasers. After all, they will have a particular bond with each of their dogs and will not want any of them to be adopted by an inappropriate family.

As a result, you should not be upset if you are asked certain questions to make sure that you will provide a good home for your new Cockapoo. In fact, you should consider this an indication that the breeder is doing an excellent job and should be trusted more.

The Transaction

If everything appears to be going well so far, you’re probably getting close to finalizing the deal and purchasing a cute little Cockapoo puppy. If that is the case, the next thing you should ask is if you’ll be signing a formal contract after the money is handed over.

If you’re going to sign a contract, be sure you understand all of the conditions. Some breeders will also provide you with a handy bundle that includes all of the papers and credentials, as well as something that smells like their mother. Some even provide extras like a collar and leash or a dish.

Conclusion: Cockapoo Breeders in the UK

There is some research that has to be done in order for you to feel totally confident in your breeder selection. You may rapidly get enough information to establish an impression of the breeders with whom you intend to communicate.

Of course, responding to your gut sense will play a role in this case as well. If everything feels good when you visit a breeder, you’ll probably be delighted to proceed with the purchase of your lovely new Cockapoo puppy from them.

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