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Cockapoo Health

Cockapoo Health Issues You Need to Know

Does Cockapoo have any health issues? Cockapoos are generally considered to be a healthy breed of dog. They are not particularly vulnerable to health problems. Considering the health of the breeding dogs is a sensible decision for breeders. It is because it improves the probability that the progeny will be healthy and disease-free.

Even if a dog has lived a healthy life, it is not assured that he will remain disease-free indefinitely. When it comes to Cockapoo, a responsible owner should look for indications of sickness in their dog. There are several common health concerns that your Cockapoo may acquire. So, you should be aware of them so that you can take appropriate action.

Cockapoo Health Issues
Cockapoo Health Issues

Health issues with cockapoos

Cockapoo health issues with ears

The Cockapoo, like many other dogs with floppy ears, is prone to ear infections. They are sometimes linked to allergies or other underlying illnesses. You may help avoid them by cleaning your dog’s ears once a week. Try to use treatments designed to maintain the skin flora in the ear healthy.

If your dog develops a red and itchy ear, potentially with discharge, you must have your dog examined by a veterinarian.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) 

It is a hereditary disease that impairs a dog’s ability to see. The retina is the portion of the eye that allows pets to see. It transfers pictures to the brain, allowing us to see, but these critical components degrade and are finally worn away with PRA.

Hereditary Cataract

A cataract causes a dog’s eyesight to become fuzzy because it causes the lens to become hazy. It is one of the significant causes of eyesight loss in dogs. Cockapoos are genetically predisposed to this ailment.

A cataract is typically accompanied by inflammation.  This inflammation makes it an unpleasant and often disorienting experience for a dog. So understanding the indications can help your pet receive the care it requires sooner rather than later.

These symptoms include pupil whitening, loss of vision, and discomfort.


Glaucoma is another illness that the Cockapoo may be predisposed to. This happens when any pressure is applied to the eye due to a blockage. It significantly impacts the dog’s eyesight by causing damage to the optic nerve and retina. Glaucoma is a severe illness that, if left untreated, will result in total blindness.

Ulcerations of the Cornea

The cornea is the transparent portion of the eye that protects the pupil and iris. An eye ulcer arises when the cornea sustains an injury. They can be caused by an infection, trauma, burns, or another medical condition.

Treatment will vary depending on the etiology of the ulcer, but it can range from anti-inflammatory pain relievers to surgery.


Cockapoo owners should be informed that the breed is sensitive to allergens. This breed is also prone to allergies that manifest as itching, skin irritations, and dermatitis. It is always an excellent idea to keep an eye on your dog’s skin health. Some allergies can be effectively treated with frequent preventatives, a special diet, and medicated shampoos or foams.

It is essential to discuss skin concerns with your veterinarian as soon as they develop to cover all bases and provide the ideal circumstances for your dog’s skin health.

Cockapoo dental health issues

Dental disease is a bacterial illness caused by plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. This condition progresses in phases, but the bacteria can cause infections in your dog’s liver, heart, and kidneys in extreme cases.

Fussiness with eating, loss of interest in toys, poor breath, painful gums, dribbling, and pawing at the face are symptoms of dental illness. If you observe any of these signs or symptoms, you should call your veterinarian.

Bringing your dog’s teeth regularly and investing in chew toys can help decrease, postpone, and even prevent plaque and tartar buildup, keeping your pet’s mouth healthy.

Cockapoo metabolic health issues

The Cockapoo can inherit a hereditary metabolic disease known as Phosphofructokinase deficiency from its Cocker Spaniel ancestors. The dog’s body is unable to generate the enzyme PFK due to a genetic abnormality.

It causes a lack of oxygen-carrying red blood cells and carbohydrates, which frequently leads to anemia. DNA testing for this illness is available, and it is advised that breeding dogs be tested before breeding.

Cockapoo health issues checks

There is no way to foresee whether or whether your dog may develop health issues as he or she ages. So you must accept this is a natural part of being a good dog owner. Verifying that your puppy comes from just reputable breeders is a fantastic way to decrease the possibility of having a cockapoo with health concerns.

Increasing your broad knowledge of the breed can also help you avoid the development of health issues.

Finally, learning everything you can about cockapoos’ dietary and exercise needs will increase your dog’s longevity.

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