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Top 4 Cockapoo Haircut For This Summer

Cockapoo is a versatile breed that is not stuck to only one type of coat. Some Cockapoos would have a straight coat, while others would have a fuzzy, wavy type of coat. What’s more, Poodle’s famous Corkscrew curls are also seen in Cockapoos. 

No matter what type of coat your Cockapoo is wearing, a visit to a groomer is a must to give them a haircut that suits your furry friend. Another reason why you should visit a groomer is to resolve the matting condition that Cockapoos encounter due to their low-shedding coat.

Here, we bring you the top 4 Cockapoo haircuts that you can ask your groomer to give to your furry friend on your next visit.

Best Cockapoo Haircut: The Puppy Cut

Cockapoo puppy cut or summer cut is the most famous haircut you can give your furry friend this summer. This haircut involves trimming down your Cockapoo’s hair to a same short length.

It is an ideal haircut for summer. It helps you keep your dog cool while he rocks in a super cute hairstyle. This Cockapoo haircut lasts for a few months, which saves you from the hassle of visiting the groomer again and again.

Irrespective of its name, “Puppy,” it is recommended for Cockapoo of all ages. Some professionals considered this haircut a must, at least for the first year of Cockapoo’s life.

Elegant Cockapoo Haircut: The Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is another Cockapoo haircut that keeps your furry friend cool and makes them look elegant. This haircut involves trimming body hair 1 inch short while keeping the legs and ears fluffy.

The main challenge is to keep the legs and ears fluffy without making the cut look awkward. Otherwise, the lamb cut will lose its natural appeal. Therefore, if you are unsure, it’s wise to go to a groomer for this style.

Cute Haircut for Cockapoos: The Teddy Bear Cut

If you want your Cockapoo to rock while keeping its goofy look, you should try the teddy bear cut. This haircut is followed by trimming the body hair 2 inches short while making the eyes and head area more round.

The trick is to cut short the hair around the eyes while making the face a bit rounder. It brings out their big, captivating eyes and gives Cockapoos a teddy bear look.

In the teddy bear cut, the hairs are left a bit longer than the puppy cut so that the softness of the coat remains consistent.

Parent Cockapoo Haircut: The Cocker Spaniel Cut

The cocker haircut is here to give your pooch a stylish haircut like his parent Cocker Spaniel. Although it is a high-maintenance haircut, it becomes pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

This haircut involves cutting down the hair short near the face and eyes while keeping the ears, head, legs, and body hair more than 2 inches long.

This look could be quite favorable for your Cockapoo if he inherited more of the Cocker Spaniel genes. Although the Cocker hairstyle gives a distinctive look to your furry friend, you should do maintenance once after every few weeks.

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