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Top 7 facts about cockapoos that will surprise you in 2023

Ever since the popularity of the Cockapoo breed in 1950, it has continued to be the topic of designer dog breeders and lovers worldwide. It is now even talked about more often than its ancestor, the poodle. Are you planning on getting a Cockapoo? If so, then you must have done extensive research through different websites, and by now, you must have gathered so much information, or maybe this is the first Cockapoo article you are reading.

Whatever your situation is, the fact remains that you wish to know more about this beautiful breed. Well, if that’s your intention, then you are on the right track. This article will discuss some fun facts about Cockapoos that you may or may not already know. The goal is that after reading this article, you must have learned something new about the Cockapoo breed. So stay till the end as we bring you some cool Cockapoo facts.


When it comes to Cockapoos, there is a lot to learn, and even long-term Cockapoo breeders keep learning new things about the breed every day. Now let’s look at some fun facts about the Cockapoo breed that you may or may not know.


Most people who hear the term designer breed when referring to a Cockapoo may easily assume that they are calm, gentile breeds who love to lay around all they doing nothing. Well, that is a wrong fact about the breed. Cockapoos are from a line of working dogs. This means they have tons of energy in their bodies begging to be burned.

So if you desire to keep a Cockapoo, make sure you have a spacious environment or maybe just one with a good-sized backyard for your Cockapoo to run around and play in. If you live in an apartment, walk your Cockapoo at least twice a day to help it relax.


Another fun Cockapoo fact is that they are highly sociable. This means that 98percebt of the time, your Cockapoo will welcome strangers to your home, whether pets, humans, or children, without being unsure or untrusting. This is a plus for dog lovers who are looking for a pet and not a guardian dog.

Cockapoos are very good with children and wouldn’t mind spending all day with your kids just keeping them company and assisting them in any way they can.


You ever heard the term that the greatest enemy of a dog is a cat? Well, 98 percent of the time, this expression has been proven to be true. This is not true with the Cockapoo breed. They have been seen to be highly tolerant of other pets.  

In fact, in most homes, you find a cat; the other pet you would mostly find alongside him is a Cockapoo. And almost all the time, the Cockapoo and the cat leave peacefully. It’s only in rear cases that they don’t.


Yes, you read it correctly. Cockapoos are a mixed breed between an American cocker spaniel and a poodle. The mixing of these two dogs gave birth to the Cockapoo that you know today. Most breeders often mistake breeding an English cocker spaniel with a poodle and still call it Cockapoo.

Well, any so-called Cockapoo bread like that is often far from the dog’s breeding standard and displays character traits that are not common with the Cockapoo know by all. So if you are in search of a Cockapoo, make sure to do thorough research, investigating the linage of your Cockapoo pup before you adopt it.


Most dog coats contain a chemical known as histamines, which often repels some people. And unfortunately, some of these people may love dogs, but because of this chemical in the fir of the dog, they can get close.

Well, there, this was one of the reasons the Cockapoo was bread. Breeders wanted a dog whose hair coat produced fewer histamines so that those with dog allergies who wish to have a dog could finally own one. The Cockapoo proved to be successful in doing just that. Have you desired to own a Cockapoo but can’t own one because of these reasons? Well, you now can.


Yes, this has probably been the feature of most dog breed you see these days. With the Cockapoo, though, it’s different. Most small dogs can live anything from ten to fifteen years, with large dogs living from eight to ten years of age.

The Cockapoo will put all these other dogs to shame. A regular Cockapoo can live a life span of about thirteen years, and if a Cockapoo is well-taking care of, it can live for up to twenty years of age. Surprising right, indeed it is. So if you plan to buy a Cockapoo but fear it will die on you, or probably you have a Cockapoo that is just eight years of age. There is no need to worry; your Cockapoo is not going anywhere. It will be with you for a very long time if you take good care of him.


Unlike most dog breeds that are either tiny to toy or toy to medium or medium to large size breed, the Cockapoo has one of all. The Cockapoo can either be a tiny pet breed, toy breed, medium-sized breed, or standard breed. It all depends on the parents of the dog.

So if you need a Cockapoo that will fit inside your designer handbag well, there is a Cockapoo for you. Maybe you want a Cockapoo which can walk alongside you on the road well there is one for you. There is a Cockapoo for every Personality.


Overall, Cockapoos are intelligent, playful, but gentle breeds that can thrive in almost any situation without knowing what to do. They are a people dog and would be a lovely addition to your home.

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