How to train a Cockapoo
Cockapoo Training

How to train a Cockapoo: best tips, guides and programs!

Cockapoos are easy to train, this breed has a great intelligence and instinct of a follower dog. So it will be easy to convince him to obey the orders we give him. Training methods vary, but the most effective approaches rely on his exceptional intelligence, energy and strong desire to please you to get the best results. Here we teach you how to properly train a cockapoo!

Early Cockapoo training

As we have already mentioned, the cockapoo is quite an active, friendly and loyal dog. But if you cannot train it correctly during its puppy stage, then several behavioral problems may arise that can be avoided.

Avoid distractions

During the cockapoo’s training, make sure that his environment is comfortable enough for him to feel at ease. For example, the environment should be quiet and with little chance of being interrupted by people, animals or objects during training. 

It is not advisable to train a cockapoo near where they are vacuuming carpets, near where they are hammering, cutting wood, etc.

How to train a Cockapoo
How to train a Cockapoo

How to train a Cockapoo: Basic obedience training for cockapoo.

There are different types of training you can use with your cockapoo; however, the main thing is that he knows basic obedience training so that he can develop good behavior, especially when you are not around.

The basic training commands are to sit, come here, stay still, and lie down. Teach your dog vital training commands that will help him with his daily tasks.

  • Sit: The most important thing to teach your dog is how to sit. It’s the easiest instruction to teach, and it’s something he does instinctively, so he’ll have no problem picking up this action.
  • Come here: We don’t want our dog to run away, reject us, or ignore our commands. That is why, while training a dog, the call command is crucial, because we won’t be able to sit, lay him down, or halt him until we can persuade him to come to us.
  • Stay: Although it is perhaps the most boring exercise for a dog. It is important that he learns to stay in one place since it will be the ideal approach to use when visitors come, you go for a walk down the street, or you just want him to stay away from something or someone.
  • Lie down: Next to sitting, one of the most basic dog commands to master is getting him to lie down.

It’s also a logical progression, as in “remain,” “sit,” and ultimately “lay down.” It will quickly become second nature to the cockapoo, and he will execute it almost reflexively in the future.

Positive reinforcement.

The cockapoo will respond even better to training if you offer rewards for an excellent work. This can be tasty homemade dog treats, toys, or just a happy “good job”. 

Training that is done by offering these is positive, it is more effective than training with yelling or scolding. The dog will feel satisfied for a job well done, and get a treat every time he does something right, while his owner will gain total obedience from his cockapoo.

The best guides and programs on how to train a Cockapoo

Cockapoos – The Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age 

This is a training guide specially dedicated to cockapoos in all their stages from adopting a cockapoo puppy to raising and caring for your dog in old age.

Here you will find answers to important questions. Like information about the breed, behaviors and personality that will help you to better understand your dog. 

It is an information-rich guide, with a light and enjoyable read full of clear advice. How to prepare and what to expect from your dog. As well as secrets from trainers and the best cockapoo breeders in the world.

Therefore, if you want to know all about how to train your cockapoo, how to improve his health, how to housebreak him, what the best food and nutrition would be, and how to prepare for his old age, this guide is for you.

The Cockapoo Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Cockapoo Owners

This is an easy-to-read training book filled with expert advice, color photos and practical information on how to understand, care for and live with these cheerful dogs. It will help you be prepared when your cockapoo comes home for the first time.

It tells you everything a new owner needs. Yet there is advice even for owners who have older cockapoos, as there is information on everything from how to raise and feed them from puppies to how to keep them healthy and active when they are older dogs.

In addition, the author included opinions and personal experiences from breeders in North America and the UK. This handbook will guide you through training your cockapoo from home, crate training, socialization and much more.

Brain training for dogs: How to train the brain of a Cockapoo

Mental training is very effective and increases your dog’s ability to pay attention and improve his behavior. Brain training for dogs is a 100% force-free training program that uses positive reinforcement to stimulate learning.

It employs intellect and mental stimulation to bring out your cockapoo’s hidden intelligence, regardless of size, or personality. This implies the dog will learn without being punished, yelled at, or exposed to any unpleasant stimuli.

The technique of Adrienne Farricelli

Adrienne is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) dog trainer who has written for USA Today, Daily Puppy, Nest Pets, and Paw Nation.

Adrienne teaches in this course that all dogs have a latent intellect and that by using her methods. Your dog will become cleverer and disciplined, as well as building a more solid bond between you and your dog.

This is because the learning process will be enjoyable for your dog. He will be able to repeat the activities. And this because he wants to, and not simply because he is commanded to, as happens in most situations.

What can you expect to find in Brain training for Dogs?

You will get access to techniques, games, puzzles, exercises, pictures, example films, and much more when you enroll in this course.

The best part is that you don’t need years of expertise to teach your dog like an expert. You can just be a dog owner wanting to improve your pet’s behavior (like many of us) and train him like an expert.

The course material makes it simple to comprehend and implement, and it covers everything in detail and with examples.

Your cockapoo is ready for training.

With any of these methods, the training of your cockapoo will be a success. The reason is that here you have all the tools you need to guide your Cockapoo step by step in a simple way.

However, remember that positive reinforcement is the key to winning your cockapoo’s affection and trust. They are gentle and kind dogs who will learn with a lot of patience and affection. So avoid punishment, prong collars and other methods.

Common training mistakes can be avoided with patience and, if necessary, you can always consult a specialist.

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