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How to become a better cockapoo owner

Owning a Cockapoo is no easy task. It requires great care and patience and most of all it requires great improvement as you and your dog progress together. There are a lot of things you must accomplish to be tagged as a good Cockapoo owner. But the most important thing to consider is how your dog sees you as the owner.

If you are a bad owner, it reflects greatly on your dog’s behavior and personality. Cockapoos are known to be balanced and well-behaved around people and other dogs. If your Cockapoo demonstrates opposite treats most often the problem is from you the owner. But the fact remains that you can be better and improve over time from not only being a good owner but a great one. This article will focus on just how good Cockapoo owners can progress to being great Cockapoo owners in just a matter of weeks. If each piece of advice is followed carefully, you would not only own a good Cockapoo but a great one.

Steps to follow to become an even better cockapoo owner

Each Cockapoo owner needs to ask himself, how does my Cockapoo view me? Is he eager to come to me when he is called? Or does he rather hide under a cheer or table? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then you are well on your way to becoming a great Cockapoo owner. But what can further assist you on your journey to success? Let’s see a few suggestions.

Never inflict physical pain on your cockapoo

Well, most dog owners don’t know a better way to correct their Cockapoo. They often result in violence or inflicting physical pain as a measure of correction. This is not good to do to your Cockapoo most especially if it is a puppy. Research has shown that most pups that were hit tend to develop social anxiety which makes them act aggressively towards other dogs and strangers.

So hitting your dog could have a lifelong effect on your dog’s behavior. Rather than hit him why not try divertive corrective measures. This means, stopping the dog from doing whatever it is doing that you don’t like and then showing him something else to do. This will help keep your dog balanced and help build his confidence and understanding of you in more challenging situations.

Make time to connect with your dog

Are you a dog owner who barely spends time with your dog? Are you just an owner that provides food and shelter, but is too busy to spend time with your dog? Well, that has to change. Dogs are like children, they need constant assurance that you care and love them. Plus dogs that are left on their own tend to pick up bad behaviors and even aggression towards people and other pets.

This is not what you would desire for your dog. So try as much as possible to give at least 15minutes of your time every day to your dog. Cockapoos are dogs that will desire even more time with you so to compensate for the times you would not be around try giving them something to do for as long as you would be away. One thing you can do is to get your dog a chew toy. Make sure that the times you spend with your dog bring joy to his heart.

Feed your cockapoo with a balanced diet

Food is one way to show your dog that you love him. Before picking out food for your dog, it is good to do some research. Your Cockapoo desires the best diet which will help build not just the physical appearance of your dog but will also improve the dog’s sharpness.

Dry food is highly recommended because they tend to be high in both protein and vitamins which is perfect for your dog. It is also recommended to treat your dog once in a while to promote a good and balanced relationship with your dog. A dog that eats right will be happier, stronger, and even live longer. So make sure to give your dog only the best food.

Give your cockapoo a space in your house

Cockapoos most often time would want to have their own space. A place where they can call their own, where they can relax. This also helps give your dog a sense of partnership as being part of your pack. This place could be anywhere in the house, it could be a crate, a pillow, or even his chair.

This will not only benefit your dog but you too and will help you to have better control of your dog. This will give you a place to send him anytime you have visitors or you just want him on a time-out basis. It is recommended that this special place be open, so the dog does not feel caged but sent to his place.

Pay a regular visit to the vet.

When your dog is okay and good, actively playing around, and shows a good appetite, it is common for owners to neglect their regular vet checkups and sometimes even postponed them. Are you the type of owner that only calls your vet when your dog starts acting out?  Well, that is a bad habit that needs correction.

The truth is that most dogs like the Cockapoo will only show signs of weakness when the sickness has reached a more detrimental stage. So it is better to stay safe than sorry with your Cockapoo and visit the vet maybe once every month. Also, make sure to treat your dog from warms and other ectoparasites like ticks and fleas. Also, make use of multivitamins to help boost your dog’s immune system and further prolong its life. Remember, a healthy Cockapoo can live for up to 20years, so if you want to spend as much time as possible with your Cockapoo then maintain its health.


To be a great Cockapoo owner requires patience and control. But it also requires love and knowledge. So if you are unsure of what to do at a certain stage in your dog’s life, make proper research and do only what has been tested and approved by experienced dog owners.

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