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Cockapoo Personality & Temperament – What To Expect!

Do you desire greatly to own a Cockapoo? What’s holding you back? Well, most people don’t want to go into something they don’t understand. Or probably you’ve been told that owning a Cockapoo is only a load of work and not with no reward at the end of the tunnel. Has that scared you away? Well, it shouldn’t. Cockapoos personality, like most designer breeds, are generally balanced and calm. They can also be very friendly, good with both children and other pets. The Cockapoo is a mix between a Poodle and a cocker spaniel. This makes them depict a variety of behaviors depending on each dog. 

So as a new Cockapoo owner, you would like to know just what to expect in terms of behaviors and temperament. You would also like to know just what to do to have a Cockapoo that will serve as a great companion and friend. As this article progresses will focus on the personality and temperament of the Cockapoo and what can be done to achieve a Cockapoo worth a place in your life.


Well, if you’ve been following so far, you would notice the slash in-between personality and temperament. The truth is that both expressions are entirely different but refer to the dog’s behavior. The term permanent focuses on the dog’s behavior, while personality explains why a dog behaves differently. Now let’s specifically look into both the personality and temperament of a Cockapoo.

Cockapoo Personality
Cockapoo Personality


Cockapoos are known generally to be calm, balanced, and obedient dogs. They are loving and playful dogs who always look for opportunities to show their owners they care and appreciate them. And let’s not forget the adaptability of the breed. Cockapoos though active, can thrive in any environment and are considered highly intelligent, thanks to their poodle mixing. 

But one thing though to keep in mind is that though they are generally calm and balanced breeds, it all depends on proper upbringing. So what do you need to know as a handler to care for a Cockapoo to adulthood properly? Let’s consider a few tips. 


There’s a saying that a dog giving healthy, balanced food will often end up bright and happy. This is very true, but that’s not what it does. A dog giving healthy food will have a stable health condition, soft coat, and a nice build. This much is true for your Cockapoo. 


Apart from giving your Cockapoo a balanced diet, it is also essential that you be a friend and companion to your Cockapoo. This is because Cockapoos are very affectionate and would love to be around you constantly. Always endeavor to return the favor, most especially when your Cockapoo is still a little pup. He will need all the life he can get to grow to be confident and self-assured.


A regular visit to your vet is a must. This is because though your Cockapoo may appear healthy, it is not unusual for Cockapoos to pick up something here or there. So it’s better to take precautions. Cockapoos also need to be dewormed regularly, and oh, don’t forget to update their rabies shots regularly.


Well, the personality of your Cockapoo will often depend on its environment and owners. So it is also related to the temperament of the breed. So before you go on to own a Cockapoo, ask yourself, do I have what it takes to be a good Cockapoo owner? Will my work conditions allow me to bring up a calm and balanced Cockapoo? Well, how would you get ready for such a task? Let’s consider a few steps.


  By reading this article, you are probably carrying out the first steps to getting ready. A prepared mind motivates wise actions. So try researching immediate areas of concern to you personally. Check out dieting, training, dog activities, and corrective measures. Remember, Cockapoos hardly forget experiences, so research on ways to make your Cockapoos experience with you always positive.


Well, Correction can be achieved by spending enough time with your Cockapoo breed. Some bad behavior can be a result of your Cockapoo being bored. Signs of this could be chewing on random objects, barking, or just pestering around you. You could fix such problems with regular exercise and keeping your dog busy. Some other behaviors can be fixed by training and proper redirection training.


This is very important and needed to get your Cockapoo to the behavior it is generally known for. It would help if you started this while the Cockapoo is still young. You can start by bringing friends and family members over; try also bring little kids around your young Cockapoo. Get them to touch and play with your pup so that he gets used to being around kids. Also, take your Cockapoo on walks and to the park, so that it can get familiar with different types of people and environment.


Well, it’s very frustrating to try and communicate with an untrained Cockapoo. Cockapoos should know simple obedience like come, sit, down, free, over, dow,n and so on. You can do this training on your own, or you could hirer a dog trainer. Either way, training your Cockapoo will help your relationship with him to be smooth and enjoyable. 

As dog a dog owner, it is essential to remain balanced when you are around your Cockapoo. This will reduce or eliminate any anxiety your Cockapoo may be experiencing.


Cockapoos are generally well-behaved dogs with excellent temperaments and high intelligence. This is as a result of the Poodle mixing. But if you want your Cockapoo to turn out great, you need to train and care for your Cockapoo with love.

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