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7 Reasons Why Every Kid Needs a Cockapoo

Why needs every Kid a Cockapoo? The Cockapoo is a beautiful and absolutely adorable dog that will be an excellent addition to any home. Well known for their hilariously clown-like behavior, always playing around, and super eager to have fun, the Cockapoo, though a designer breed (not purebred) has managed to capture and hold the love and interests of not just adults, but most especially kids.

Deciding to get a dog, even a Cockapoo for your kid is a matter that should not be taken lightly. As a good parent, you will worry about a number of things that will involve your child and the dog; is it safe? Will my child be able to handle it? Do I have the time to take care of both of them? What about the feeding? What if it poops in the house?

All these worries are understandable, but in as much as it is a bit of a daunting task to get a Cockapoo for your kid. There are numerous reasons you should get one for your kid. These are just a few of them:

1. Cockapoo Will Be An Invaluable Companion For Your Kids

Cockapoos are very loving, and equally lovable dogs. They are super intelligent, and quite a breeze to train. They tend to be attentive and always eager to lift the mood in any given situation. Having a Cockapoo will give your kid a sense of compassion and companionship that will prove to be very useful attributes for him in the long run.

2. It Will Help Your Kid Be More Socially Inclined

Studies have shown that kids who grow up having a dog, are more capable of handling social situations better than kids who don’t.

Cockapoos are specially bred for this. Their calm and attentive demeanor helps heighten the child’s confidence in social settings. Getting one for your kid at an early stage will help sharpen their social skills, making them more adaptable to people around them.

3. Cockapoo Will Give Your Kid A Sense Of Protection

Dogs, in general, are very protective and possessive by nature, be it of their food, toys, territory, and most especially their human family.

Cockapoos are no different. A Cockapoo will go through great lengths to protect their family, essentially the kids. Having a Cockapoo will give your child a much-needed sense of protection and security. Further adding to their confidence as they grow older.

4. It Will Boost Your Kid’s Mental Health

No matter what age you are, your mental health should be given top priority. Depression is not a condition that should be taken lightly, most importantly when it affects an innocent little kid.

Numerous studies have proven that kids who own any pets, especially dogs, have a significantly lower chance of becoming depressed. Cockapoos are known to give unconditional support and love to kids, essentially those who already suffer from depression. It is highly recommended to get one for your kid. It will prove invaluable in caring for their mental health.

5. Cockapoo Will Instill In Your Kid A Sense Of Responsibility

Taking care of a dog is no easy feature, be it for an adult, much less a kid. A reason, that has discouraged some from getting one at all. A Cockapoo is a breed of dog that requires special care and grooming to keep them in the best shape possible. Having one will help your child understand the importance of being responsible and accountable for their actions.

One great way to go about this is to assign a series of tasks to your kid like; going on walks with the dog, cleaning up after it, and some more. Your kid will need discipline to do this, and it will imbibe in him a sense of being responsible that even a few adults do not have.

6. It Will Help Your Kid Stay Active And Healthy

Cockapoos are a breed of dogs that almost always have to stay engaged. They are easily excited and are ever eager to have fun, and even more so when they can get another individual to join them.

Getting one for your kid will automatically encourage them to engage in more activities be it indoors or outdoors. This will make your child stay active as much as possible, and will help them stay fit and healthy reducing the risk of them becoming obese or inadvertently lazy individuals.

7. Cockapoo Will Help Your Kid Be More Empathetic And Compassionate

Dogs are very sensitive and compassionate animals. They develop a deep and unique bond with their owners that allows them to feel what their masters feel and know when they need comfort.

It has been proven that dogs can sense our emotions whether or not we are visible or verbal about them. Dogs like the Cockapoo are even more inclined to show compassion and sympathy because they are specifically bred for that purpose, and are efficient therapy dogs.

Having them around will help your kid learn a lot about giving to, and receiving empathy from others- a skill that will make them more kind and compassionate even as adults.

Conclusion: Every Kid Needs a Cockapoo

Taking care of a dog is not a walk in the park and it requires a lot of discipline and dedication on the part of the owner. No matter the breed, they all need care and attention and are very useful for different reasons. The Cockapoo is a dog that is guaranteed to bring warmth and joy to any home. They are pretty easy to live with, and will always find a way to put a smile on your face, no matter the weather.

Every Kid Needs a Cockapoo

If you are contemplating getting one, or two for your kid, it is important to weigh in the pros and cons carefully. There are a lot of wonderful reasons to get this little furry angel, especially if you’re looking to spice up or life, or just getting your kid out of the house and away from the screen for a change! Whatever the case may be, don’t hesitate to adopt one and give it a chance at love too.

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